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Friday 13 January 2012

Article: Shanghai or Beijing?

There is always this constant battle between who is the better city in China, Beijing or Shanghai?

Well, Western Taste has made some points, visited places, tried out restaurants, checked out hotels, prices, working environments and the most important thing; the people and their attitude towards life, change etc.

So, lets start with the most populated city, actually one of the most populated cities in the world - Shanghai.

Shanghai is a Beautiful city with full of life that never sleeps. It is not only highly populated but also very cultural integrated from all over the world. Foreigners from the west as well as the east came to Shanghai in the early 20s and started to integrate with the Chinese culture. Companies, organisations and cooperation’s with the government started very early and was one of the first major cities in modern history in China to be influenced by the western world. This can be seen from early architecture, people’s awareness and interest in globalisation and corporate understanding.

Although with high international integration and globalisation brings up the price and a faster inflation. This leads to higher prices, higher salary and faster market. People in this city tend to be more strict, highly corporate and less personal on matters. This makes it quite boring in the long term perspective. Money is the language and people become less important in a hectic market with strong investments.

When it comes to Beijing it is another story. Beijing has the strong cultural understanding of its own background awareness. The people in Beijing are proud to come from the capital and talks often about its historical heritage that dates back thousands of years in history.

Here the charm still exists and people still do not care about having white socks with black shoes to suits and speaks loudly in public. People are more worm and friendly which leads to a more relaxed environment to live in.

With this, Beijing is a rising star considering the Olympics, hundreds of new international restaurants and hotels that have been built. Beijing is a wonderful place.

We must say that Beijing wins as a city to live in, but Shanghai is a must see and visit, so we are recommending a few places to dine, party and live in. 

As my mother always says:
Shanghai is a place to grow, make money, climb the letter and enjoy for the short term however Beijing is home.

Written by: Alexander Yü


Whampoa Club - Chinese contemporary

More than 400 RMB per couple
This restaurant offers organic food, high quality wines, innovative cooking, quality service and top standard. This is a place to impress and meet with most highly recommendations by Western Taste.
5/F, 3 Zhongshandong Yi Lu, the Bund
Phone: 021-6321-3737

Sens & Bund - French contemporary

More than 400 RMB per couple
High standard French restaurant that is the closest you can get to Michelin rating in Shanghai. Innovative cooking with excellent service and lovely view of the Huangpu river on the Bund. We enjoyed Sens & Bund and highly recommend this place.
6/F, 18 Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu, the Bund
Phone: 021-6323-9898

Lounge / Club

Lounge 18 / Bar Rouge

90 RMB per cocktail
This is a high end party place with the right crowd in Shanghai. Start with Lounge 18 and enjoy a few cocktails before going up to the 7th floor where the party is, same owner with different concepts. Bar Rouge offers a spectacular view to party with.
4/F and 7/F, 18 Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu, the Bund
Phone: 021-6339-1199

Park 97 Lounge & Club

90 RMB per cocktail
Hip and high standard lounge / club place in Shanghai with very creative and innovative events. The design and decor is very well made which provides nice environment while enjoying your Champagne.
Fuxing Park (inside park) 2A Gaolan Road, by Sinan Road
Phone: 021-5383 2328


Park Hyatt Hotel

Around 4000 RMB per couple / night
One of the most amazing hotels in Shanghai were the best restaurants is located and absolute top luxury service you can imagine. However it is a price to pay.
100 Century Avenue, Pudong New Area
Phone: 021-6888 1234

Sofitel Hyland

Around 1800 RMB per couple / night
Very nice hotel in the city centre of Shanghai. The hotel is located near most of the important things around town. The hotel is also very beautiful and provides top standard and best possible service.
505 Nanjing Road East (the main street)
Phone: 021-6351 5888

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