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Friday 2 May 2014

Article: The Temple Restaurant in Beijing, probably the best dining experience in China

The Temple Restaurant in Beijing is somewhat unusual even in China. The restaurant offers a unique and find dining experience of French & European cuisine to the Chinese culinary scene. We love the history of the location, restaurant and design. The history of the compound is around 600 years which provides an ambiance that is unique and rarely experienced. The restaurant is part of a larger hotel project that is embedded in the temple. The restaurant gives an impression of superb fine dining that finally has arrived to Beijing.

The food is amazing and gives an gastronomic sensation and we scream secretly, that finally a restaurant worthy of Michelin standard in Beijing.

The prices are good for this standard of food and we walk out of the restaurant with spending approximately 800-1000 RMB per person with wine and three courses of meal.

Wine pairing is ideal and the knowledge from staff is well presented. The service is perfect and we enjoyed our stay with superb satisfaction.

#23, Shatan Beijie, off WuSi DaJie, Dongcheng District. Beijing. 100009
地址:北京市東城區五四大街以北,沙滩北街23号 100009

Final Grade: 5 out of 5

Written by Alexander Yü