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Monday 26 April 2021

Restaurant Review: Astoria by Franzen Group

In the middle of the pandemic with all that happens, food and beverage sector has taken a major hit across the world. Restauranteurs and food enthusiasts barely makes it since they rarely sits on high capital or long term savings for 1-2 years safetynet. These calqulations does not exsist in the world of gastronomy. 

Yes, very little of the economic benefits have also been given to this sector since most restaurant owners lives with smal margins. 

However, Sweden have had a different strategy and this made that some restaurants actually made grand openings in the middle of the world wide pandemic. Such as the 3 star Michelin chef Björn Franzen from Franzen Group. They have chosen to open their new contribution; Astoria, and what an fantastic opening.

This restaurant was so hiped that it was fully booked for 1 month before opening and is still today hard to get a table. Of course because of the limited seats and no barhnag around but still, a fantastic success for Björn and his amazing creative and innovative team.

The food is sensational and fantastically executed with perfection as always. This is not a fine dining however feels like an uper range of Brasserie.

The interior screams high end art deco and a fantastic worship of the fine class from the 70s.

The food is made with passion, perfect balance and great presentation. Service is always perfected with Björn and the price is...yes steep for a brasserie, but with an argument that is of course motivated.

Final Reveiw: 4 out of 5