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Monday 31 March 2014

Article: Iceberg Gin by Kristian Kull

Normally my palate has always been drawn to aged spirits like whisky, rum and cognac. Recently something has changed and I’ve been inducted into a magnificent gin club called “Enbärsälskarnas Nykterhetsförbund” or in English “The Juniper Lovers’ Sobriety Association”. This pun amused me immensely and I have embraced gin with all my heart.

A price worthy gin I’ve recently discovered is Iceberg Gin. It is a traditional London Dry Gin distilled by Iceberg Vodka Corporation. According to the distillers "The planet’s most naturally pure water, lovingly harvested from chunks of 12,000 year-old North Atlantic icebergs, is carefully blended in a centuries-old recipe of juniper, pepper and secret botanicals. The result is an over-proof gin of distinction for the true gin connoisseur and those who would aspire to join that noble league." Well, the idea that good water makes good vodka is an often heard marketing statement. The theory here must be that great water makes great gin also.

It is a light gin for beginners and the “The Beverage Testing Institute” noted that it was "barely recognizable as a gin" and "clearly crafted for the vodka drinker." This faint praise might make an interesting choice for those looking for gins that are far less heavy-handed than some of the higher-proofed, classic profiles like Bombay Saphire.

I do like this gin so here are some tasting notes:

Colour: Crystalline, Water White.
Aroma: Juniper, orange peel and pine needles with a hint of liquorice and citrus.
Taste: The clear juniper flavour is what you first percept. Gradually hints of other herbs, citrus and pepper follows. This gin is quite light and smooth in character.
After Taste: The finish is soft but with a hint of spice from the pepper in the taste. Some herbal flavours also linger on the tongue.

Number at Systembolaget: 86265
Cost in Sweden: 329 SEK
Cost in China: Unknown
Cost in US: Unknown

I think anyone would be content with glass of Iceberg Gin with soda water and lime in their hand.

Written by Kristian Kull

Tuesday 4 March 2014

Article: Review of "Semlor" baked by Gateau

It's that time of the year again, the cream puff season. And that means that we once again have had a tasting, with cream puff buns from the bakery Gateau.
Gateau is very proud of their cream puff’s (Semlor) and they put a lot of effort in making each bun perfect. They strive to make the bun light and spongy, not to bitter taste and just the right amount of powder sugar.

With our tasting panel we tried totally 20 Cream Puff’s from Gateau. The criteria we judged upon were aesthetics, consistency, sweetness, bread, cream and almond icing and here are the results:

Between ages 6-19, the men scored 4 out of 5
Between ages 6-19, the women scored 5 out of 5

Between ages 20-30, the men scored 4 out of 5
Between ages 20-30, the women scored 4 out of 5

Between ages 30-50, the men scored 4 out of 5
Between ages 30-50, the women scored 4 out of 5

Between ages 50-, the men scored 4 out of 5
Between ages 50-, the women scored 4 out of 5

The total score:

Men judged: 4 out of 5
Women judged: 4 out of 5

Some of the comments by our expert panel

It's aesthetics is perfect!

It's got the right fluffiness that a cream puff should have
Looking at it, makes it water in your mouth

Perfect consistent

We can clearly state that the cream puffs from Gateau got a very high rating and are truly delicious to both eat and look at.

Written by Sofie Yü