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Tuesday 27 March 2012

Top 10 Favorite Restaurants in Stockholm 2012

Nr 1. Frantzén/Lindeberg ***

Frantzén/Lindeberg sports two Michelin stars and this year it was rumoured that they would receive their third. In 2011 and 2012 Frantzén/Lindeberg was named “restaurant of the year” by the prestigious White Guide and is this year awarded with Western Taste 3 star "Grand Beverage Selection Award".
Last year Frantzén/Lindberg only came on 3rd place however after this years visit we can only determen that they have delivered with a much higher performance and with great passion to become Stockholms Favorite Restaurant of 2012 by Western Taste.
Eating here is a sensory experience with a touch of humour. Chefs Björn Frantzén and Daniel Lindeberg serves up fresh ingredients from the restaurant's own garden to create culinary artistry with intriguing surprises. The surprises continue with the sommelier-selected drink package that pairs pre-selected wines with specific food courses. The restaurant is located in historic Old Town and gastronomy buffs from Stockholm and beyond are fighting over the tables.
For an unforgettable evening event, Frantzén/Lindeberg can accommodate groups of up to 12 people in its "chambre separé". It features its own entrance, bar and sommelier.
This truly is the most exciting eating experience in Stockholm!

Nr 2. Esperanto *

Esperanto’s website suggests that they wanted to “create a restaurant with no compromises - where gastronomy, service and environment acted as the foundation'. After a visit you will all agree!
Esperanto is housed in the old Jarlateatern theatre and the dining room interior is in large part the same as when plays were put on here. With one Michelin star under its belt, Esperanto offers stunning sculptural dishes. The excellent dishes all have funny names such as 'Lobster in the English Garden Mist'. We recommend the truffled pike with a viande emulsion and crushed potatoes or the rascasse braised in roasted tomato and bone marrow.
There is a timeless quality to this restaurant and gourmet travellers and local gastronauts alike fight for tables here. They have all got the right idea!

Nr 3. F12 Restaurant **

Last year F12 Restaurant became the second most recommended restaurant to dine in Stockholm by Western Taste. F12 Restaurant is still one of Swedens absolut best places to find passionate food and service. Danyel Couet brings amazing quality of its qulinary experience to Stockholm and uplifts F12 as one of my favorite places to dine in. The wine concept is brought by the famous sommelier Sören Polonius and brings an absolut amazing wine list to this restaurant. Sören and his team is also awarded with 2 stars by Western Taste with "Cru Beverage Selection Award".
I absolutly adore and love the Scallops & Wagyu 10+ with Banyuls vinegar, rapeseed oil and herbs. Please try the Entrecote of Milk Feb Veal "Raz el Hanout" with spring turnips and dried lime.
Every time going to F12 Restaurant your palate goes to a journey of gastronomic passion and experience.

Nr 4. Mathias Dahlgren Matsalen ***

Matsalen by Mathias Dahlgren lost its first place position from last year and went down to the 4th position. Please do not misread our recommendations. We still belive Mathias Dahlgren Matsalen to be one of the best restaurants Scandinavia has to offer however this year other passionate gastronomers performed better and Matsalen was recieved with a number 4 on the list of 2012.
This restaurant gives you 2 Micheline stars and is granted with Western Taste 2 star “Cru Beverage Award” for an excellent wine list with good variety and selections that can be paired for multiple occasions and multiple gastronomic food experiences.Matsalen is still one of the best and strongest candidates for the best restaurant in Stockholm 2012.

Nr 5. Mistral

Mistral is a little out of the way, in Enskede south of Stockholm City Centre. This is more than compensated for by international class ambition, mentions in several publications including the White Guide and pure, organic and locally sourced gourmet luxury.
In Mistral it is all about the natural tastes and using great local and biodynamic produce combined with excellent cooking skills to maximize the flavour. Mistral's 20-something owner, Björn Vasseur and Chef Fredrik Andersson, had little restaurant experience when they opened this place. But they managed to attract crowds almost immediately, and earned a Michelin star within just one year.
The restaurant is sparsely decorated, small and cosy with a seating maximum of 18 guests. It is plain with white walls and wooden furniture and comparatively well-priced, about $100 for an eight-course tasting menu.
From the current menu we recommend you try the different sides of cabbage with raw meet (lamb, venison, deer etc), lightly whipped cream and dries fish roe. You should also try the baked beets with today’s meat, milk skin and red fat.

Nr 6. Råkultur *

Råkultur is located on Kungstensgatan and is run by talented chef Sayan Isaksson who also runs Esperanto in the same property. Råkultur has a distinctly Asian influence in their Scandinavian cooking.
Råkultur is an award-winning mainly sushi restaurant that locals love. Råkultur translates to 'raw culture' and the menu follows that credo; sushi rolls and sashimi bites with salmon, flounder, silver eel and more exotic things like smoked duck breast. It is all expertly crafted by the chefs. The menu is simply quite unique and inventive! On top of that they only use fish from the North Atlantic.
It doesn’t stop at the great food; it is all also really price worthy. You could almost call it cheap considered to what they serve compared to many others.
If you are there in the evening they also have a nice dish called "Tribute to Momofuku", that is a big chunk of pork knuckle with everything you need, do we need to say more?

Nr. 7 GQ *

This restaurant is named for the venue's 'gastronomic IQ' and nothing else. GQ only uses seasonal produce and plans their menus accordingly. Restaurateur Jürgen Grossmann has been providing his culinary services to nearly all of Stockholm's districts for more than 30 years. Restaurant Reisen in the Old Town, L'Escargot at Kungsholmen and Gässlingen in Söder, are some of the restaurants that have flourished in his care. Now the turn has come to GQ!
This restaurant has a French bias and is inspired by the Montignac method – a healthy way of eating that promotes good fats and carbohydrates. They clearly aren’t afraid of a slightly different approach and the kitchen seems to outperform itself regularly, always renewing the menu. Almost every visit offers new surprises!
We recommend you try the duck liver terrine with chanterelles, apple puré and pork or the wild duck with blood sauce spiced with chocolate, endive and duck sausage with pistachio.

Nr 8. Långbro Värdshus

Långbro Värdshus takes pride in offering guests carefully prepared dishes made with the best seasonal, raw ingredients. Celebrity chef Fredrik Eriksson runs an old fashioned Swedish tavern called Långbro Värdshus in a big villa on the outskirts of Stockholm, in Fruängen.
Långbro Värdshus offers diners dishes such as Artichoke Soup with a shallot mousseline, parsley and crispy forest mushrooms and Veal Steaks with a creamy white pepper sauce, pickled winter vegetables and puréed potatoes.
Here you find a friendly atmosphere, excellent service and the best traditionally Swedish food in Stockholm.

Nr 9. Caina, Nobis Hotel

If you are looking for true Italiany cusine with excellent raw materials then you should look no further. Caina gives you an authentic Italian experience with great service, beautiful setting and amazing food. Caina has always been one of our favorites and we hope to continue experiencing the Italian flavors of Caina and outmost passionate service from its staff.

Nr. 10 Restaurang Hjerta

Hjerta is an alternative spelling of ”hjärta” which means heart in Swedish. In their own words this restaurant strives to cook food and serve wine with a lot of heart, and do it with a twist! In our minds they definitely accomplish this and more!
Hjerta is located on Skeppsholmen in a unique former shipyard that has been carefully refurbished and modernized to keep the maritime touch. During the summer they have an extensive outdoor seating just by the water.
The cooking is of a rustic Swedish kind with some French influence. Many of the dishes are prepared in a stone oven and they even have their own small smokehouse.
We recommend you try the starter Foie gras and oxtail ravioli with spring onions, chili and oxtail broth. As a main course you should definitely try the salted cod with butter cooked beets, confit pork and dill.

Written and recommended by Alexander Yü & Kristian Kull

Wednesday 21 March 2012

Hotel Review: Westin Resort Bali

A wide range of recreation options includes three pools, a variety of water sports, four floodlit tennis courts and the Westin gym & relax club. The hotel offers also Kids Club which means that Westin staff takes care of the kids like a kinder garden during the relaxation for the grownups.

I love that ice cream is free of charge and that the staff is very professional and polite.

If a couple wants to have a romantic dinner on the beach the hotel can arrange it for you which are very nice. In our junior suite that we had we enjoyed our balcony time with ocean view and Champagne almost every evening before dinner.


Rooms are very nice. Some may say that it is a bit outdated however it is nothing you should take into account. The rooms are very nice and equipments are up to date. Room service is very professional with a fast service and always after the waiter brings up an order the kitchen calls to your room to make sure everything is at satisfaction.

Food & Beverage Facilities:

The interior of the hotel is very nice. The bars, restaurants and pool area are top modern design with the highest luxury experience. However the menu offer is a bit short and not very innovative or interesting. I would like to see a fine dining facility and a better variety of wines, beers and beverage selection. The main bar was nice since it was opened to late at night and the cocktails were made with great efforts.


Nusa Dua is the location and it is the ultimate hotel, beach and tourist location. The beach area is very nice with very little beach sales people and if they want to sell you something they do not bother you very much. Since the hotel is a 5 star complex it offers very good taxi service and going to the city for party is no problem. Taxi service also offers pick up at a certain time which is very nice.


We loved this hotel and our stay at Westin in Bali. Generally Westin Hotel Group is one of our favourite hotel brand and according to us one of Starwood Groups best choices. This is a hotel we truly recommend to all travellers.

Grade: 4 out of 5

Written by Alexander Yü


Thursday 15 March 2012

No New Stars in the Michelin guide for Sweden

This year was a boring year for Sweden. Not a single new star in the Michelin guide for Sweden. This means a minor setback for the Swedish government who wants to claim Sweden as the Scandinavian gastronomy leader. If you compare it with Denmark who already has 14 Michelin stars in their pocket leaves Sweden with only 8. The surprise was Norway who presented the first restaurant that ever received Michelin award with a total of 2 stars.

Here are the current Swedish Michelin Restaurants:

Mathias Dahlgren Matsalen, Stockholm, 2 stars

Frantzén/Lindeberg, Stockholm, 2 stars

Mathias Dahlgren Matbaren, Stockholm, 1 star

Esperanto, Stockholm, 1 star

Fredsgatan 12, Stockholm, 1 star

Lux Stockholm, Stockholm, 1 star

Thörnströms Kök, Gothenburg, 1 star

Kock & Vin, Gothenburg, 1 star

28+, Gothenburg, 1 star

Fond, Gothenburg, 1 star

Written by Alexander Yü

Tuesday 13 March 2012

Ready for the summer? Ready for Rose wine?

I believe it is only in Sweden where a bunch of guys can sit outside during the hot summer weather dressed in sun glasses, tight shirts, little bit too much of wax in the hair and just a bit of attitude drinking rose wine. I had a few clients of mine from Chile working for one of the best wineries from that region asking us: why are there so many guys sitting outside drinking rose? Is there a lot of Sweden?

All I could say is that: 

- well guys in Sweden are quite confident in their sexuality and people in Sweden love there rose wine during the summer. It is a must in Sweden and we love our summer rose. At the clubs, restaurants, during pick nick and especially in the lovely sunny days on the terrace enjoying our short period of Swedish summer.

Western Taste would like to recommend some of our favorite rose wines. We hope you like it!

Rose Wine

Puycheric Syrah Rosé 2010, France

Nr at Swedish Systembolaget: 2209
Cost in Sweden: 59 SEK

Les Lauzeaies Tavel 2010, France

Nr at Swedish Systembolaget: 2724
Cost in Sweden: 95 SEK

Reserve de Bonnet Rose, Bordeaux, France

Nr at Swedish Systembolaget: 3181
Cost in Sweden: 89 SEK

Box Rose Wine

Les Fumeés Blanches Rosé 2010, France

Nr at Swedish Systembolaget: 75958
Cost in Sweden: 212 SEK

Sparkling Wine

Viña Maipo Brut Rosé, 
Valle Central, Chile
Nr at Swedish Systembolaget: 7766
Cost in Sweden: 70 SEK

Rotari Rosé 2006 Trentino, Italy

Nr at Systembolaget: 7701
Cost in Sweden: 99 SEK

Louis Bouillot, 
Bourgogne, France
Nr at Swedish Systembolaget: 7781Cost in Sweden: 99 SEK

Champagne Wine

Bollinger Rosé, Champagne, France
Nr at Swedish Systembolaget: 7755 
Cost in Sweden: 499 SEK

Cristal Brut Rosé 2002, Champagne, France

Nr at Swedish Systembolaget: 90160
Cost in Sweden: 3 550 SEK

Recommended and written by Alexander Yü

Thursday 1 March 2012

Wine of the Month: Fetzer Chardonnay, California, USA

Fetzer Vineyard is a unique winery that strives to be the best organic winery in the United States of America and they are very close to become that. They have pushed themselves to provide with the outmost best quality of grapes produced in a 100% organic farming. Through this Fetzer has also taken the next step in having the entire company in a sustainable approach with renewable energy solutions, sustainable water systems and organic farming.

Now when it comes to Fetzer Chardonnay which is the wine of the month for March, we at Western Taste found it to be very delicate and lovely to drink. Please see tasting notes below.

I found the wine, which is a clear lemon straw, a bit tight on the nose, but digging deeper I found an aura of peach and light, warm lemon fruit to match the colour. A further patient nosing gave me pineapple. The palate yields plenty of fruit acidity with a touch of complementary sweetness. Peach, lemon, and pineapple chime in at a higher level with grapefruit and green apple adding to the fruit-fest. The wine has also a creaminess enhanced by vanilla and baking spice (hint of clove), as well as caramel notes and a bit of candied fruit (and some fruit pucker) at the finish.

The wine is very reasonable and great value for money. This is to be enjoyed on a now warmer period on the balcony while enjoying your Sunday view.

Nr at Systembolaget: 16653
Cost in Sweden: 90 SEK
Cost in China: Not yet available
Cost in US: 7 USD

Written by Alexander Yü