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Tuesday 13 March 2012

Ready for the summer? Ready for Rose wine?

I believe it is only in Sweden where a bunch of guys can sit outside during the hot summer weather dressed in sun glasses, tight shirts, little bit too much of wax in the hair and just a bit of attitude drinking rose wine. I had a few clients of mine from Chile working for one of the best wineries from that region asking us: why are there so many guys sitting outside drinking rose? Is there a lot of Sweden?

All I could say is that: 

- well guys in Sweden are quite confident in their sexuality and people in Sweden love there rose wine during the summer. It is a must in Sweden and we love our summer rose. At the clubs, restaurants, during pick nick and especially in the lovely sunny days on the terrace enjoying our short period of Swedish summer.

Western Taste would like to recommend some of our favorite rose wines. We hope you like it!

Rose Wine

Puycheric Syrah Rosé 2010, France

Nr at Swedish Systembolaget: 2209
Cost in Sweden: 59 SEK

Les Lauzeaies Tavel 2010, France

Nr at Swedish Systembolaget: 2724
Cost in Sweden: 95 SEK

Reserve de Bonnet Rose, Bordeaux, France

Nr at Swedish Systembolaget: 3181
Cost in Sweden: 89 SEK

Box Rose Wine

Les Fumeés Blanches Rosé 2010, France

Nr at Swedish Systembolaget: 75958
Cost in Sweden: 212 SEK

Sparkling Wine

Viña Maipo Brut Rosé, 
Valle Central, Chile
Nr at Swedish Systembolaget: 7766
Cost in Sweden: 70 SEK

Rotari Rosé 2006 Trentino, Italy

Nr at Systembolaget: 7701
Cost in Sweden: 99 SEK

Louis Bouillot, 
Bourgogne, France
Nr at Swedish Systembolaget: 7781Cost in Sweden: 99 SEK

Champagne Wine

Bollinger Rosé, Champagne, France
Nr at Swedish Systembolaget: 7755 
Cost in Sweden: 499 SEK

Cristal Brut Rosé 2002, Champagne, France

Nr at Swedish Systembolaget: 90160
Cost in Sweden: 3 550 SEK

Recommended and written by Alexander Yü

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