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Tuesday 24 April 2012

Vinordic & Gastronord 2012 press junket

Today Western Taste attended the press junket for Vinordic and Gastronord 2012. Vinordic is the major trade fair in northern Europe for wines, beer, spirits and ciders. Gastronord is the major trade fair in northern Europe for hotel, restaurants, institutional kitchens and fast food. They are both held at Stockholm International Fair every other year. Western Taste will mainly visit and report from Vinordic and below you can see a summation of what was said at today’s press junket.

The Swedish Chef Association started the morning by treating all journalists to an excellent traditional Swedish herring breakfast that was reinforced with oysters and champagne. Particularly the oysters were extraordinary good!

Swedish celebrity chef Fredrik Eriksson talked about Bocuse D’or and the fact that Sweden will host the European Chef Championship in 2014. It is a great honor and the competition will be held during Gastronord 2014. The theme for this year’s fair is “Tasteful meetings”. He also introduced Sweden’s Chef of the year Klas Lindgren.

Member of the European Parliament Anna Maria Corrazza Bildt was the next speaker and centered her talk on the fight to decrease food waste. She presented a new book called “Win Without Waste” that discusses food waste. She ended by giving all guests a plastic lunch box.

Journalist Mikael Mölstad then presented the latest trends in restaurant food and wine. Among his conclusions were:
-          People want an unforgettable experience when they visit fine restaurants.
-          The raw materials are crucial and they should provide the main flavors.
-          The wines should be “clean” and the grapes clearly show of their core flavors.
-          Historic cooking and traditional dishes and wines from France are on the rise.
-          Well tenderized meats and ripe wines are very popular.
-          Unusual combinations and a lot of nature on the table is very hot.

The press junket ended with Champagne expert Josephine Edelskog presenting Vinordic 2012 and her “Champagne Bar of Ice” with over 60 different champagnes.

Life is better with Champagne!

Wednesday 11 April 2012

Article: Bonterra Organic Vineyards

Bonterra Organic Vineyards has been one of my favourite wines for a very long time. Their effort to become the best winery in California is soon to be reached. Bonterra makes both organic and biodynamic wines which mean that they do not use synthetic chemicals in their production and they fallow a very strict program in agriculture technique. When it comes to biodynamic agriculture there are very strict rules on how to implement its methods.

The practice of biodynamics in viticulture (grape growing) has become popular in recent years in several growing regions. There are currently more than 450 biodynamic wine producers worldwide. Currently, for a wine to be labeled “biodynamic” it has to meet the stringent standards laid down by the Demeter Association, which is an internationally recognized certifying body. As a practical method of farming, biodynamics embodies the ideal of ever-increasing ecological self-sufficiency just as with modern agro-ecology, but includes ethical-spiritual considerations. This type of viticulture views the farm as a cohesive, interconnected living system. By adopting biodynamic methods it can achieve improvements in the health of the vineyards, specifically in the areas of biodiversity, soil fertility, crop nutrition, and pest, weed, and disease management.

Personally I really enjoy biodynamic wines; the quality is very good, highly monitored and more balanced in taste. Bonterra uses the nature of balance to grow the perfect wine. They use the nature’s surroundings to perfect its technique in viticulture.

Bonterra wines that Western Taste recommends are:

White Wine

Bonterra Chardonnay 2009, Mendocino County, California USA (Best white in its class)
Nr at Systembolaget: 16632
Cost in Sweden: 135 SEK
Cost in China: Unknown
Cost in US: Approx. 9,5 USD

Bonterra Viognier 2007, Mendocino County, California USA
Nr at Systembolaget: 85310
Cost in Sweden: 135 SEK
Cost in China: Unknown
Cost in US: Approx. 9,5 USD

Red Wine

Bonterra Cabernet Sauvignon 2008, Mendocino County, California USA (Best Organic Cabernet Sauvignon)
Nr at Systembolaget: 6710
Cost in Sweden: 139 SEK
Cost in China: Unknown
Cost in US: Approx. 10 USD

Bonterra Zinfandel 2009, Mendocino County, California USA
Nr at Systembolaget: 22620
Cost in Sweden: 139 SEK
Cost in China: Unknown
Cost in US: Approx. 10 USD

Bonterra The McNab 2007, Mendocino County, California USA (Absolutely Amazing!)
Nr at Systembolaget: 73373
Cost in Sweden: 299 SEK
Cost in China: Unknown
Cost in US: Approx. 30 USD

Written by Alexander Yü

Tuesday 3 April 2012

Wine of the Month: Novas Winemaker's Selection 2010

This month we will go for a red wine from Chile. The producer is Emiliana and they are one of Chiles first and best organic wineries. They make all organic wines and some higher classifications on a biodynamic approach. Emiliana Organic Vineyards do not use any synthetic chemicals in their production and agriculture. Novas Winemaker's Selection is a 100% organic wine with the grapes Syrah and Mourvedre. The colour is dark and round. The scent is lively and heavy, it gives away a nose of cherry, coffee and pepper. The taste is very vibrant and full bodied red that provides a taste of oak, roasted bread, dark berries and hints of coffee.

This is a wine we truly recommend and should be tasted by many. Emiliana is truly a winemaker that provides quality, healthy ingredients and great wines. A must try!

Nr at Systembolaget: 2127
Cost in Sweden: 134 SEK
Cost in China: Unknown
Cost in US: Apprx. 18 USD