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Tuesday 21 February 2017

Restaurant Review: Nosh & Chow

Stureplansgruppen is one of Sweden’s largest and most dominating restaurant and bar group. They have several restaurant concepts with different aspects, from all day dining, franchise concepts, fine dining and casual dining. One of their concepts calls Nosh & Chow and is located in the middle of the city pulse of Stockholm.

On the website it says: 

"In a renowned environment that bears the mark of the Catalan interior-design architect Lázaro Pink Violán – known from, amongst other things, Boca Grande and Big Fish in Barcelona – our guests come together to eat, drink and enjoy each other’s company in an international atmosphere.

The guiding principles of our kitchen are always simplicity, authenticity and respect for the raw ingredients. The menu has clear green roots where the dishes change to reflect the ingredients of the season, but are always characterized by clear and distinct flavors drawn from food groups such as raw, fresh, sea, land, family and sweet."

I agree with the interior design, it is done very well and the atmosphere is absolutely fantastic. However when it comes to flavors it only mediocre. It delivers with a fusion aspect and tries to implement south Asian fusion however without any hart and understanding of the Asian background. It feels like the chef complements the ingredients only by a simple palate without depth and knowledge of how it is done originally. If you do not know how to prepare high standard traditional south Asian food than I think you will have a very difficult mountain to climb if you want to modernize and create fusion into the flavors.

The service is also not well trained. They lack attention and follow up, the staff also have attetude problems as if the guests should be happy and content to be eating in this restaurant.

All in all the food was ok, the interior is fantastic and the staff needs development and training so... verdict can only be:

Final Grade: 2,5 out of 5

Written and tasted by Alexander Yü