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Saturday 27 July 2013

Wine of the Month: M de Minuty Rosé 2012, Côtes de Provence, France

Superelegant and amazing rose wine from the south of France in Provence. This rose wine is a classic style with subtle flavours and well balanced palate. It provides mynth, rasberry and spices. It is ideal for seafood, shellfish and light dishes such as sallads and sushi.

Nr at Systembolaget: 2590
Cost in Sweden: 99 SEK
Cost in US: Unkown
Cost in China: Unkown

Written by Alexander Yü

Monday 1 July 2013

Article: Whisky tasting with NIKKA from Japan

The famous and traditional whisky house of NIKKA in Japan has released a new selection in Sweden. The whisky is called “NIKKA whisky from the barrel” with a alcohol of 51, 4%.

The Japanese usually drink whisky with a dash of water. Sometimes it is enjoyed with 1/4, 2/5, or even 2/4 of water with the glass of whisky.

To make this tasting thorough enough we did all three alternatives and boy did we enjoy it.


The original strength of this godly water has an alcohol content of 51, 4% without water. The scent is of citrus and hints of lime. The alcohol is definitely there to reveal its content, however not dominant but rather pleasantly soft on the nose. The taste has intensive signs of malt, honey, citrus, oak and spices. It is round, creamy and provides a aftertaste of coffee and chocolate.

Mizuwari Spike

The word means “blend with water” and is a common way to enjoy whisky in Japan. The strong whisky from NIKKA from the barrel provides an excellent blend with soda water where the bubbles and the saltiness provides a distinct freshness to the whisky.

In Japan, to serve whisky is a form of art and to be served by a true bartender connoisseur in Japan can be an experience of its own. Everything from the preparation of the ice, to presenting, to pouring is an act of art itself.

¾ NIKKA from the Barrel 51, 4%
¼ Soda water

Mizuwari Refresher
Long and mild taste of prominent saltiness, lovely bubbles and balanced in fruit. In the after taste the spices and the oak is clear and pleasant. This drink is very refreshing and enjoyable.
3/5 NIKKA from the Barrel 51, 4%
2/5 Soda water

We enjoyed this whisky a lot and can really recommend all whisky lovers to try this pleasant beverage. It is very nice to have after a hard day of work in front of the fire while enjoying your favourite book.

Much pleasure and thanks to NIKKA for this lovely whisky.
Nr Systembolaget: 551
Cost in Sweden: 379 SEK (500 ml)
Cost in China: approx 550 RMB
Cost in US: Unkown

Written and tasted by Alexander Yü, Kristian Kull and Sofie Yü