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Monday 30 November 2020

Hotel Revisit: At Six, Stockholm, Sweden

Covid-19... what a sad happening and definition for 2020. When the whole world stopped and the economy droped for events, food & beverage, aviation, turism, hotels and many more industries. 

Since Covid, we have had very little acitity here at Western Taste due to the restriction of travel but also new experiences. So we revisited some of the hotels and restaurants in our own country; namely Sweden :)

Last time we visited At Six they gave us an experience we did not see in Sweden before. You have to understand that we do not have 5 star hotels that can meet international standards like the Four Seasons, Carlton Hotel, The Ritz, Shangri-La or JW Marriott. We have very few differences and very boring chains such as Scandic HotelNordic ChoiceElite Hotel Group and Radisson Hotel Group. Most of these hotel groups have gone fat and happy and gave very little changes to their rooms, serivce upgrade and experiences. The only one that challenged them was a man calls Petter Stordalen who is the owner and creator of Nordic Choice Hotels (one of the four). He started up a few boutique style hotels that changed the perception of hotel experince and started to challenge all other groups to do the same. He used what he learned from the top brands and influenced it into his chaine and gave spirit and passion back to the Swedish hotel operation.

Grand Hotel in Sweden has been the only hotel in Sweden that have had 5 star standard however it feels old and outdated at many times.

Our favorite hotel in Sweden are two brands, One is The Bank Hotel and the other is At Six. That is the reason we went back to this amazing hotel and this time during Covid-19 period which was interesting. We were here before during its first year and it gave all and now it feels a bit slower. The paste has wind down like an fast moving clock, however this is expected since distance, longer que and slower paste seems to be an everyday melody these days.

The food was still at its top and we loved the Dining Room stil for dinner and breakfast. For dinner we can surely recommend the deep fried shimeji mushroom, roasted pumpkin, fried deer. The breakfast is fantastic and one of the best you can find in Sweden. All ingreadiences are eco-produced and freshly made. We love the overnight oats with berries and fruit and that all staff have masks and very service minded at all time.

Thank you to the team at AT SIX yet again for your outstanding service and comfort, we will for sure visit again and this is a very plus since we live in the same city :)

Grade: 4 out of 5

Written by Alexander Yû

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