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Thursday 1 March 2012

Wine of the Month: Fetzer Chardonnay, California, USA

Fetzer Vineyard is a unique winery that strives to be the best organic winery in the United States of America and they are very close to become that. They have pushed themselves to provide with the outmost best quality of grapes produced in a 100% organic farming. Through this Fetzer has also taken the next step in having the entire company in a sustainable approach with renewable energy solutions, sustainable water systems and organic farming.

Now when it comes to Fetzer Chardonnay which is the wine of the month for March, we at Western Taste found it to be very delicate and lovely to drink. Please see tasting notes below.

I found the wine, which is a clear lemon straw, a bit tight on the nose, but digging deeper I found an aura of peach and light, warm lemon fruit to match the colour. A further patient nosing gave me pineapple. The palate yields plenty of fruit acidity with a touch of complementary sweetness. Peach, lemon, and pineapple chime in at a higher level with grapefruit and green apple adding to the fruit-fest. The wine has also a creaminess enhanced by vanilla and baking spice (hint of clove), as well as caramel notes and a bit of candied fruit (and some fruit pucker) at the finish.

The wine is very reasonable and great value for money. This is to be enjoyed on a now warmer period on the balcony while enjoying your Sunday view.

Nr at Systembolaget: 16653
Cost in Sweden: 90 SEK
Cost in China: Not yet available
Cost in US: 7 USD

Written by Alexander Yü

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