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Monday 9 January 2012

Top 10 Best Value Hotels in the World

What does 5 stars means for a hotel? Most of the cases it is only a stamp from the official organisation that approves its star ratings, however small hotels that does not posses the large entrance halls or swimming pools or even perhaps 3-4 restaurants in one single property. What can they offer that stands out from the large, highly invested and large backgrounds from multinational cooperation? Well that is the concept of boutique hotels. Something that is cheque, focused on design, provides something extra, special and highly great valued hotels that are pleasant and very enjoyable to stay in. It can be half the price of a multinational 5 star hotel and it gives you an experience that is much more than the standardization of branded international hotels.

Our tip is go boutique for experience and something different if you are looking for that extra charm rather large and multinational branded hotels. 

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Alexander Yu

Dana Hotel & Spa (Chicago, USA)

With around 200 rooms, wonderful interior design, excellent service and the hotel screams boutique style makes it even more interesting. The rooms feel large, very comfortable and give you the feeling of high standard approach with a twist. A must stay when you are in Chicago.

2. Paris Hotel Petit Moulin (Paris, France)

This is a fashion and design hotel in the middle of Paris. This hotel is strangely beautiful and everything seems quite surreal however when experiencing everything you understand the design and its intentions on romance, barrock and boutique style hotel at its top standards. 

3. Park Hotel (Tokyo, Japan)

Great location with spectacular decor a very service minded staff and great price for all of it. Park Hotel brings Tokyo a brand new concept of luxury with great value. This hotel is a highly recommended hotel to stay in when visiting Tokyo in Japan.

4. Haymarket Hotel (London, England)

Probably the best value hotel in London. Normally hotels in London are either really bad or really good. There is nothing in between for the normal crowed and if you want to pay a good price for an excellent hotel it very hard to come by however Haymarket hotel has brought London another aspect of the business. The interior is fantastic and modern; it also brings another level of success to the market in England when it comes to boutique style hotels. 

5. Cedarbrook Lodge (Seattle, USA)

There are so many reasons why Cedarbrook Lodge is among the best lodging choices in the greater Seattle area. Thoughtfully situated less than five minutes from Sea-Tac International Airport, Cedarbrook Lodge is a distinctive, 104-room retreat. Guests are afforded a quiet, secluded environment ideal for a wide variety of business and leisure travel needs as well as professional and social gatherings. Cedarbrook's premier location makes it a transportation hub. And the lodge's shuttle service delivers guests to and from SeaTac International Airport and/or to and from the nearby Seattle Link light rail station. Each is a quick trip... less than ten minutes. And both are free!

6. Huka Lodge (Huka Falls Taupo, New Zealand)

Probably the most awarded hotel in New Zealand with amazing relaxation when it comes to be close to nature. Live in the centre of the country just by the biggest river of New Zealand in Taupo. The scenery of nature and environment is absolutely breath taking. Either takes the limo service for 2-3 hours or a 1, 5 hour helicopter ride from Auckland to the hotel. 

7. Hotel Twentyseven (Copenhagen, Denmark)

This hotel is more than just a hotel; it gives you a living experience of design and innovative thinking. They try to differentiate themselves by having different room experiences with luxury packages. One room for example is the wine room were you can have different wines and gastronomic experiences with it. They even have an Ice bar in the hotel run by the famous Swedish brand Absolut Vodka. 

8. Jia Shanghai (Shanghai, China)

JIA Shanghai is a luxury-residence concept. Inside it edges closer to design-magazine luxe, with bold graphic colour schemes, an impressive collection of modern furnishings, and bathrooms decked out in marble and Bisazza mosaic tile. Rooms and suites are bright and sunny, especially those with balconies, and all come with entertainment centres, and free wireless internet, as well as a smattering of local colour in the form of Chinese antiques. 

9. Nordic Light (Stockholm, Sweden)

This hotel is part of the group; Design Hotels which gives the most amazing Nordic designs around the world. The interior and environment around the hotel feels very Scandinavian and cheek. Please try out there amazing Sunday Brunch were 1 cocktail is included with coffee and tea for only 245 SEK. If you ask me that is a great bargain.

10. Langtry Manor (Bournemouth, United Kingdom)

Bournemouth is one of the best cities to find great value hotels around the world. Especially for leisure and business travellers that is located among 4 star hotels. One hotel in particular that we liked was the Langtry Manor which gives you a luxurious feeling with a very reasonable price. The staffs are friendly and the hotel gives you a feeling of home. This hotel made this list just because it gives you a personal touch to the hotel experience. 

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