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Wednesday 4 January 2012

Stockholm’s Best Whisky Selections

Stockholm is very different from Beijing when it comes to whisky bars. It is not even close to what Beijing has in terms of focus. Beijing provides pure whisky bars with maybe 4-5 more additional selections of beverages however in Stockholm you have to have more than whisky to survive. Every bar provides food, interesting beer selections and also other services. It is more like a mixture of really interesting beers and whisky blended in one bar where they complement each other very well. That is why we cannot edit the best whisky bars in Stockholm because of the simple fact that there is no pure whisky bars. We had to rate "the best whisky selections" instead. 

Although the Swedish people do love whisky and has always been very found of it. If you look at the percentage among the people of
Sweden, they are one of the biggest drinkers of whisky in the world. Almost every single household has a nice little selection of whisky in their home, ready to be taken out when someone special is visiting.

We at hope you will have an interesting visit to our recommendations in

1. Bull & Bear Inn (
Stockholm, Sweden)

This bar is probably one of the oldest whisky hangouts in
Stockholm that is still around and very known for its wide variety of excellent whisky and beers. They also serve some easy and simple food, however the main focus is the beverage. When requesting the whisky menu you will get a size of a book with over 200-230 kinds of whisky depending on the specials that are in. The interior is really old and authentic if comparing with some old bars in Dublin or London, which to be honest, I find quite boring. I would like to see a boutique style whisky bar in Sweden, hopefully in a near future.

2. Akkurat (
Stockholm, Sweden)

This bar and beverage selection is really something but the food is simple and boring. The selection is amazing with probably the widest Japanese whisky selection you can find in
Sweden. The menu consists of approximately 400 selections of whisky with all Islay houses represented and a great deal of rare highland selection to taste from. A must for all whisky and beer lovers it is just a shame that you cannot enjoy a nice cigar all year around to complement the lovely whisky. Same stories here, everything about the beverages are amazing however the interior and surroundings are not.

3. Glenfiddich Warehouse (
Stockholm, Sweden)

The bar is quite new in
Stockholm. It has been around for 4 years approximately and it has improved its reputation each year. More and more customers are drawn to the restaurant / bar. It offers actually quite good food but charges it too much. I usually go there for the beer since the service and selection is probably one of the best when it comes to beer. However the variety and selection of whisky is a bit shorter than expected, they have a much more interesting beer selection which is odd for a whisky bar. This is probably the only whisky bar that offers a nice setting and environment to sit in.

4. Saddle & Sabre (
Stockholm, Sweden)

If you are hankering for some fine American bourbon the place to go in
Stockholm is “Saddle & Sabre” on Tegnérgatan 9. They have the widest assortment of bourbon whisky in Stockholm. Since good bourbon is pretty hard to get your hands on in Sweden this place is a real gem.
As if the bourbon wasn’t enough ”Saddle & Sabre” also serves some the best steaks in
Stockholm. If you want to you can enjoy your food and drink in two western themed “chambre separée”.

5. Shamrock Restaurant & Bar (Stockholm, Sweden)

Shamrock restaurant and bar is a genuine Irish pub where you can find good pub food, great pints and quite a good assortment of whisky. They serve Irish whisky as well as a wide array of single malts. If this sounds like kind of place you can find Shamrock restaurant and bar on Söder at Folkungagatan 102. You can’t go wrong with an Irish bar!

Written by: Alexander Yü

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