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Wednesday 8 February 2012

Restaurant Review: Seikoen, Stockholm, Sweden

Japanese cuisine is delicate, minimalistic, balanced flavours and very fresh. What Seikoen has done is that they brought the real Japan to Sweden with its authenticity of flavours, fresh ingredients and combining that with innovative cooking. What the Japanese cooking has been criticised mostly in the resent years is the deny and bad reputation in environmental fishing and treatment of animals, however Seikoen has taken this into account and using only environmental raw materials to its cooking. They have taken the King Prawn out of the menu and also the blue fin tuna and replaced with environmental friendly bred animals.

The kitchen is run by the famous Japanese owner Tamiji Yasumoto. His wonderful wife that always brings a smile to its dining room is Eva Yasumoto. They have together brought this wonderful restaurant group to a higher level of perfection when it comes to the Japanese cuisine in Sweden.

Do start with the lovely and fresh Sashimi selected by the chef or tuna tartar quail eggs. For main we can recommend the Tempura Moriawase and the duck presented with foie gras, parsnip pure and pickled mushrooms & red onions. The down side of Seikoen and perhaps all East Asian restaurants is the dessert selection. There is no new and innovative approach on the selection and you have to settle with a kind of mainstream and boring Crème Brule which I am not really interested in after a very nice Japanese dinner.

When it comes to the wine selection it is a bit short. I would have loved to see a wider and broader selection of wines that are presented in the menu for its guests, however the selection that is presented are suitable for the East Asian cuisine.

Overall we loved the visit at Seikoen and knowing that Mr. Yasumoto is in the kitchen giving orders to his chefs to perform on their best behaviour at all time is really comforting. The food is very well presented and the flavours are very good. We like the service very much and the open kitchen to its sushi bar.

Final Grade: 4 out of 5

Tegelbacken 2
08-100 310

Written by: Alexander Yü

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