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Monday 13 February 2012

Article: Planeta - the heart of Sicily

Planeta is a Sicilian wine company established in 1995, with 6 estates that produce their wines across the island of Sicily. These 6 estates makes it possible for Planeta to use the resources of the lands different aspects and create highest potential of quality.
Planeta’s patient and meticulous procedures shows as much to the past as to the future, with on one side the oldest Sicilian traditions with varieties such as Grecanico, Carricante, Moscato di Noto, Frappato, Nerello Mascalese and Nero d’Avola, and on the other side appraised varieties of classics such as Chardonnay, Syrah, Merlot and Cabernet.
What we love about Planeta is that they have the vision of taking its wineries to the future and are open to new and innovative ideas in terms of communication, labelling, management and corporate structure.

Western Taste was invited by Philipson Söderberg to attend a specialised wine tasting hosted by the lovely Export Director of Planeta; Penny Murray.

Planeta wines that were tasted:

White Wine

Planeta Cometa 2009
100% Fiano which is a native local white grape variety which is now starting to get world renown and a lot of attention.
The colour is straw yellow with evident green tints. On the nose it gives a surprisingly intense aromatic nose and charm. They differ litchies, nectarines, pineapple, mandarin, peppermint, and scents of Mediterranean as chamomile and thyme. On the palate it gives elegance and fat at the same time. It moves dynamically between the soft sensations on alcoholic and a vibrant acidity. Final full of aroma and varietals nuances that lead to a considerable persistence.

Grade 3,5 of 5
Nr at Swedish Systembolaget: 82491
Cost in Sweden: 239 SEK
Cost in China: Not yet available
Cost in US: Appr. 29 USD

New! Planeta Carricante 2010
This wine is called the volcano wine. The grapes are from Sciara Nuova vineyards which is Planetas first venture and first vintage on the volcano Etna.
100% Carricante grape with colour of pale yellow and shades of green. The nose gives you Green apple, typical of vines grown at an altitude, white flowers and wild honey. Some hints of mineral and very evident mint is also distinctive in the nose. The palate is mouth sour and fresh in the style of Etna with long and persistent obvious fragrance.

Grade 4 of 5
Nr at Swedish Systembolaget: 94355
Cost in Sweden: 159 SEK
Cost in China: Not yet available
Cost in US: Appr. 21 USD

Planeta Chardonnay 2009
From the oldest part of the estate Ulmo Sambucca, where the grape saw the dawn of light for the first time in 1994 it struck the world with its powerful innovative fresh taste and is by far one of our favourite Chardonnay from Italy to find.
The wine gives you golden yellow with lively green glints of colour. The nose is rich and intense. Aromas of peach, golden apple, white figs, vanilla cream, meringue. It also gives hints of hazelnut and honey. The wood is shy but well balanced. The palate is soft, round, energetic and full. The wine is balanced in its character by fine acidity, fresh flavours and substantial extract.

Grade 5 of 5
Nr at Swedish Systembolaget: 72882
Cost in Sweden: 249 SEK
Cost in China: Appr. 663 RMB
Cost in US: Appr. 29 USD

Red Wine

Casa Planeta Nero d’Avola Syrah 2009
The Casa Planeta collection was earlier called La Segreta one of the better great value wines.

Grade 3 of 5
Nr at Swedish Systembolaget: 72139
Cost in Sweden: 79 SEK
Cost in China: Appr. 217 RMB
Cost in US: Appr. 14 USD

Planeta Plumbago 2009
A single variety with Nero d’Avola grape. Its name comes from the purple wild flower that grows in the woods surrounding the vineyards of Ulmo. Its soft and fruity character comes from the grapes grown in the old vineyard around Lake Arancio. The perfect maturation in wood with its rounded tannins makes this wine a pleasure and elegant experience.

Grade 3,5 of 5
Nr at Swedish Systembolaget: 71800
Cost in Sweden: 129 SEK
Cost in China: Not yet available
Cost in US: Appr. 14 USD

New available in May! Planeta Dorilli 2009
This is a whole new wine variety and Planetas version of Cerasuolo di Vittoria Classico. 70% Nero d’Avola and 30% Frappato. Its expression is refined and elegant with a perfect mature blend of the dignified Nero d’Avola and the Frappato. The wine is very elegant and not the typical Nero d’Avola, it gives more balance to its structure and provides wood, red fruit with soft and silky tannins.

Grade: 4 of 5
Nr at Systembolaget: 90008
Cost in Sweden: 149 SEK
Cost in China: Not yet available
Cost in US: Not yet available

New Vintage! Planeta Santa Cecilia Nero d’Avola 2008
This is one of Planetas icon wines. The company’s name is Planeta di Santa Cecilia, so we understand why this wine lies close to the family’s heart. The grapes grow in Noto, where the first Nero d’Avola stocks once was planted long ago in Sicily. Santa Cecilia has been the landmark for this Sicilian national grape. This is really a food wine were you should match some heavier dishes like game i.e. deer, moose or reindeer. Also stronger cheeses are suitable for this wine.

Grade: 4 of 5
Nr at Systembolaget: 72882
Cost in Sweden: 249 SEK
Cost in China: 663 RMB
Cost in US: Appr. 29 USD

Written by: Sofie Yü and Alexander Yü

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