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Friday 6 May 2011

Wine Recommendation by Western Taste

White Wine



Chablis Cuvee Tete d'Or 2004 (Bourgogne, France)
Grade: 3,5


It is a elegant and top standard Chalis wine. The taste is smooth and clear with a notch of apples, aniseed, gooseberry and minerals. The scent gives away gooseberry, grass and lemon.
100% Chardonnay and is served with approximately 8 C and goes well with oysters, also fish and other seafood.

SWE: Not available, 125 SEK
CHN: Yet not been seen

Basa Blanco (Rueda, Spain)
Grade: 3,5

It has a vibrant nose of green unripe fruit with a distinct grassiness characteristic of Sauvignon Blanc. Sour granny smith apple, lime/citrus, and a slightly grassy element, which has a gush of tart acidity and a crystal clean finish.
Goes well with refreshing aperitif, prepared white meats, vegan dishes, seasoned salads.

SWE: Systembolaget 77 SEK, No 6237
CHN: Yet not seen

Leith Gruner Veltliner 2006 (Donauland, Austria)
Grade: 4 (recommended - great value) 

This wine is probably the best value white wine of the year. It is pure, fresh with a taste of fruit characters like apples, tropical fruits, pepper and citrus. This wine goes well with some fish soup, seafood or chicken.
Grape: 100% Gruner Veltliner, the mother grape of Austria.

SWE: Systembolaget 69 SEK, No 4200
CHN: Yet not seen

Lawsons Dry Hills, Marlborough, Gewurztraminer (New Zealand) 
Grade: 4 (recommended)


A silver medal winner at international wine challange with exceptional awards from Wine Spectator and Wine Enthusiast. With mix of floral roses, passionfruit, lychee and cinamon on the nose. Stonefruit with gentle perfume character, were a more developed palate is taking place towards a richer and rounder wine in the end. Mmmm... lovely.

SWE: Systembolaget 99 SEK, No 95772
CHN: 275-400 RMB (only hotels & rest.)

Champagne / Sparkling Wine


Duval Leroy Blanc de Chardonnay, Millesime, 1998
Grade: 5 (superb quality)


Grape: 100% Chardonnay.
Vintage Champagne that is one of the most proudest products from Duval Leroy. The quality is very elegant and with exceptional taste. Traditional Champenois pressing. The colour is green gold and gives away white-, dried fruits and butter aroma. The taste ends with a tight finish.

SWE: Only Special order
CHN: 914-1400 RMB (only hotels & rest.)


Perrier-Jouet Belle Epoque 1999
Grade: 4

Grape: Chardonnay 50%, Pinot Noir 45% and Pinot Meunier 5%
Gentle and reserved nose, revealing in a tight fashion a little core of honey and toffee. Freshness and delicacy of fruit. We believe that there is potential for this to come together in bottle.

SWE: 1999 cannot be found, only the Brut. 1060 SEK, No 87914.
CHN: 1200-2000 RMB

Bollinger Le Grande Annee 1999
Grade: 5 (highly recommended) 

Grape: Pinot Noir 70% and Chardonnay 30%. In the new Bond movie but also a brilliant vintage champagne from 1999 with distinctive aromas of coconut and vanilla, with oxidation adding complexity, followed by fresh citrus, oatmeal and honey notes. A firm, powerful structure that needs time to integrate all the elements. Classy finish. 

SWE: Systembolaget 819 SEK, No 7579
CHN: 1640-1900 RMB

Jeio Spumante Brut Valdobbiadene Prosecco (Italy) 
Grade: 4 (highly recommended)


Grape: Prosecco 90%. Probably the best Prosecco to be found in China. Character is much appriciated by wine critiques around the world and has won the best value wine (Wine Enthusiast). Good fruits with rich scents of wildflowers. Apples, pears with a harmony that is rounded by appropriate sapidity.

SWE: No importer
CHN: 211-300 RMB (only hotels & rest.)

Tommasi Bianco di Custoza Brut (Italy) 
Grade: 3,5 

Grape: Tokay Veronese, Garganega and Riesling. A Prosecco from Veneto, Italy that provides good quality with a nice packaging.
On the nose it gives away pear with apples. The taste is pleasent and medium dry with fruits, peach and citrus. Goes very well with fish, seafood and apertif. 

SWE: Systembolaget 87 SEK, No 22101
CHN: Ask EMW-Fine Wines

Rose Wine



Gibbston Valley, Blanc de Pinot Noir (Central Otago, New Zealand)

Grade: 4 (best tasted rose, but expensive) 

Grape: Pinot Noir 100%. Central Otago is one of the top five new-world wine regions in the world. The wine is good on the fruits, crispy and fresh. Amazing rose wine.
This wine has won numorous awards for its performance. The only dowsize is the pricing which is quite high for a rose.

SWE: Systembolaget 299 SEK, No 98831
CHN: 400-600 RMB (only hotels and rest.)

Red Wine

Valpolicella Superiore Monti Garbi Ripasso (Veneto, Italy) 
Grade: 4,5 (highly recommended - great value)


Grape: Corvina grapes 70%, Rondinella 20%, Croatina and other minor varieties 10% and to ensure greater complexity and structure to the final produce, a small percentage of Amarone is added. Serve cool between 15 and 18 C.
Valpolicella Superiore Monti Garbi combines perfectly with cold appetisers, entrees of pasta and meat sauce, white meat, poultry, roast or stewed rabbit main courses as well as hard-textured seasoned cheeses.

SWE: Systembolaget 97 SEK, No 5328
CHN: Yet not seen


Masi Campofiorin 2003 (Veneto, Italy)

Grade: 3,5

Campofiorin was created by Masi in 1964 and it demonstrates outstanding character of local grapes, and the uniqueness of its production methods.
Grape: Corvina 60%, rondinella 25%, molinara 10%, rossignola 5%.
The scent gives away spices. The taste has cherry, larkish, and some dried herbs. Its serving temperature is to be 16 degrees. It complements well with calf, white meat, and pork. The wine is round and rich.

SWE: Systembolaget 105 SEK, No 5123
CHN: Yet not seen, could special ordered through ASC Fine Wines.

Amarone della Valpolicella Classico 1999 (Veneto, Italy)

Grade: 5 (highly recommended)

The closest one we could find in Systembolaget was vintage 2001 but the one we tried was 1999. This red Italian Amarone wine is very nice. Its scent gives away developed and matured charachteristics with spices, cacao, rum & raisins, plums and sweet liquorice. Wonderful taste that provides complexity, spices and a little bit of sweetness. Also some hints of raisins, sweet liquorice and cacao. It finishes off with a long aftertaste. Goes well with spicy food like beef or long and well stored cheese.

SWE: Systembolaget 375 SEK, No 97492 (recommend 1999)
CHN: Yet not seen

Chateau Coucheroy, Pessac- Leognan (Bordeaux, France)

Grade: 3,5

This is a French wine whose estate, in the commune of Léognan, is situated among the appellation’s most prestigious names.
Grape: Cabernet Sauvignon 50% and Merlot 50%. The bouquet is ripe fruits, grilled and smoked aromas due to the soil origin and the perfectly integrated woody notes. The palate provides supple and pleasant mellow tanins final with spicy notes of undergrowth. While it will reward a few years in the cellar, this wine can be enjoyed right now with grilled chicken with fresh herbs, veal or cheeses.

SWE: can be special ordered through Bibendum Fine Wines
CHN: Around 150-200 RMB 

Chateau de Seguin
 2004, Bordeaux Superior (Bordeaux, France)
Grade: 4 (recommended) 

Grape: Cabernet Sauvignon 45%, Merlot 45% och Cabernet Franc 10%.
The sent is young and fresh with tendency towards oak, blackcurrants and herbs. The taste is wonderful were a young wine is distinguished and the grapes are clearly ripe (fruity). Taste of oak barrels, blackcurrant, larkish and grass. This wine should be served with a temperature at 16-18 degrees Celsius. Good complementing dishes are lamb, biff or pork. 

SWE: Systembolaget 89 SEK, No 3958
CHN: 150-180 RMB, can be found in Shanghai and Hong Kong

Pelissero Dolcetto D Alba Munfrina (Piedmont, Italy)

Grade: 4

Grape: 100% Dolcetto. Pelissero winery takes their production very seriously and uses traditional manufacturing techniques to create superb wines.
The colour is intense and violet with beutiful fruits and open aroma with a slight bitter after taste. It is made in stainless steel tanks which means it has more characters of fruits close to blackbarries and cherry. Dishes to match this wounderful wine is pasta, red meat and cheese.

SWE: Systembolaget 105 SEK, No 88623
CHN: 211-350 RMB (only hotels & rest.)

Plansel Selecta Tinto (Alentejo, Portugal)

Grade: 3,5 (recommended - great value)

Grape: Trincadeira, Aragones and T. Nacional.
A very nice smooth, easy and finess wine from Portugal. The wine is a blend with traditional Portugese grapes. The aroma is youthful with dark fruits, prune and some spices. It is soft to taste, light acidulity awakens new tones of fruit. A well balanced wine with harmonious finish. It goes very well with red meat courses. 

SWE: No importer
CHN: 170-230 RMB (only hotels & rest.)

Yalumba Bush Vine Grenache 2002 (Barossa Valley, Australia)

Grade: 3,5 (lovely wine from Australia)

Grape: Grenache 100%.
A mixture of deep blue and red in colour, this wine abounds with wild and exotic aromas of blueberries, dark fruits, sticky plum jams and spicy clove on the nose. The palate is velvety and sumptuous, packed with flavours of violets, sweet prunes and gamey-earthy characters. A rich and concentrated wine with fine tannins that finish with fine black pepper. Goes well with pork, barbecue and lamb.

SWE: Systembolaget 103 SEK, No 16413
CHN: 200-250 RMB

Vina Casablanca El Bosque Syrah (Maipo Valley, Chile)

Grade: 3,5 (recommended - great value)

Grape: Syrah 100%. Vina Casablanca was founded in 1992. The objective was to show the potential of the finest Chilen's terroirs. Casablanca has become one of the most prestigious boutique wineries in Chile with its consistently fresh, exuberant and elegant wines.
The intense dark red colour with its great scents of spices and fruits makes the wine enjoyable on the nose. It is a balanced and rounded wine with characters of barrel.

SWE: Systembolaget 85 SEK, No 81233
CHN: 186-250 RMB (only hotels & rest.)

Giovanni Rosso Serralunga Barolo DOCG (Piedmont, Italy)

Grade: 5 (highly recommended)

Grape: Nebbiolo 100%. This wine is amazing. It needs to be kept for a few years to show its strongest potential. All his wines are organic and made with highest care. The production is really small so he can control the quality of the wines. From most of the Barolo that I've tasted, this one is probably one fo my favourites.
The wine gives strong characters of plum, oak and little bit of lakrish. The wine is complex and powerfull and finishes off with a long and lovely aftertaste. It goes well with game, meat and strong cheese. A must try!

SWE: Systembolaget 355 SEK, No 82795
CHN: 600~800 RMB (only hotels & rest.)

Sweet Wine

Chateau Doisy-Daene, Barsac-Sauternes, 2nd Cru Classe (Bordeaux, France)
Grade: 4

The wounderful family estate Denis Douberdiou, makes exceptional wine from south of Bordeaux. Focusing mainly on white wine and sweet wine. They are actually one of the best Sauternes wine makers in the world, all naturally grown with no chemicals in the manufacture. Good fruits with lovely sweet tones that provides a perfect Sauterne.
Also, get this, once opened it can be opened for 2 weeks without beeing bad.

SWE: Needs to be special ordered
CHN: 830-1000 RMB (only hotels and rest.)

Vineland Estate 2002 Riesling Icewine (Canada) 
Grade: 5

Grape: 100% Riesling. Gold medal winner of the Ice Wine competition in the category of Riesling. Very nice and beutiful to drink.
It goes well with dessert but also which many do not understand is that sweet wine goes nicely to spicy food like Chinese, Thai or Malay. The wine survives the spicyness were many other wines dies away.

SWE: Systembolaget 416 SEK, No 97187
CHN: Yet not seen but should be around 800-1000 RMB

Written and rated by Alexander Yü

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