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Friday 13 May 2011

Restaurant Review: Berns Asiatiska, Stockholm, Sweden

Berns Asiatiska is more suitable for the European palate and not “real” authentic; however Western Taste will recommend it for its good quality and well executed performance in gastronomic experience. Berns Asiatiska is trying to have good quality East Asian dishes with a high end delivery. The raw materials are very good however the taste is a bit too salty and is not suitable for the East Asian palate. In East Asia like South Korea, China and Japan there are sweetness, spices and more dynamic flavours than salty food. Berns Asiatiska is trying but fails to provide the authentic flavours for the East Asian palate. What I also feel is misguided is that Berns calls the restaurant "Asiatiska" which means Asian. However Berns has somewhat forgotten about half of Asia in its cuisine. I believe it is wrong to categorise a area that is half of this planet in one restaurant. There are so many cultures and experiences of food that is missed out. Especially in China which is as big as the whole of Europe.

Although I will recommend Berns Asiatiska to the Swedish gastronomic scene which is more suitable for its performance in gastronomy but for is authenticity it is not on my highest list of recommendations.

The wine list is fairly good. Something Berns has missed out is that East Asian cuisine is most suitable and paired with sweeter wine and white wine. Strong and heavy dark red wines are not suitable for its cuisine since it is overpowering its flavours. If I would go for a red wine I would choose a mild and smooth red wine from Bourgogne or a really god New Zealand Pinot Noir.

My final grade for Berns Asiatiska is:

3,5 out of 5

Berzelii Park 9
111 47
08-566 322 22

Written and rated by: Alexander Yü

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