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Friday 12 June 2015

Article: Great Dining District of Bibliotekstan in Stockholm, Sweden

Bibliotekstan is an exclusive shopping district in Stockholm. The area is centered around the street Biblioteksgatan. ”Bibliotek” means library in Swedish and refers to the National Library of Sweden, located in the nearby park Humlegården. Biblioteksgatan got its name in 1885 and the area has been focusing on exclusive shopping ever since.
Bibliotekstan is constantly evolving. With a history of over 120 years, there are a lot of stories hidden in the area. To highlight these, we’ve created Bibliotekstan Walks as a part of this website. Start walking to discover this historic place.
In recent years the district and destination of Bibliotekstan has become a dining district of great restaurants. A must visit is this area and we highly recommends the food and beverage offer that is available.

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Here are some recommendations:

ZINK Grill

Wienercafeet Anno 1904

Restaurang Prinsen

Nobis Hotel

Sempre Espresso Bar

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