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Thursday 22 November 2012

Restaurant Review: F12

F12 is owned by Daniel Couet and Melker Andersson, and is a part of the F12 Group in which the duo own 11 different restaurants including F12.

F12 is situated in the Royal Art Academies premises, in the city central of Stockholm. Their motto is to provide first class food and service in a warm environment with an easy and informal atmosphere. The food philosophy is to provide innovative and international cooking with a unusual combination of flavours that is looking to surprise the guest.

We visited F12 on a Saturday night where we were greeted by professional staff that welcomed us and showed us to our table. The restaurant gives a very calm feeling with its soft green walls and beige décor. The space in the restaurant with its high ceiling makes the atmosphere relaxed and not too busy even though the restaurant was fully booked. You notice straight away that the service is first class with the waiters noticing every little movement from the guest.

The menu was presented as a letter where the different ingredients of tonight’s tasting menu was presented. F12 have gone from offering a la carte menu to only tasting menu with either 5 courses or 7 courses. We decided to go for the 5 course menu accompanied with the composed beverage menu. We tried both the alcoholic alternative and the non-alcoholic. The non-alcoholic alternative was truly a flavour sensation and excitingly surprising, all perfectly combined with the food.

Here comes two downsides to our dinner, mostly because of a new beginner waiter, we ordered the 5 course menu but realized after 5 courses that they were serving us the 7 course menu. The waiter also forgot to serve the accompanied non-alcoholic beverage to our first course, but this was superbly taken care of with a fresh start. Which meant that we got served the first course again together with the right beverage. All to make sure the guest gets the complete experience with food and drink.

The food was truly a flavour sensation, both in smell and taste. All the flavours melted perfectly together and gave a most pleasant evening with a consistent of among others; scallops with eggs of a pheasant, ravioli with forest broth, Pheasant from Qvistberga with juniper berry and ginger, Turbot with oysters and Cloudberries. The chef is truly a magician in the kitchen and made us smile in a feeling of well-being during the whole evening. It is surely a restaurant you will remember for a long time and you will surely be back.

Final grade is:
5 out of 5

Fredsgatan 12
111 52 Stockholm
+46 (0) 8505 244 01

Written and rated by: Sofie Yü

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