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Tuesday 4 September 2012

Restaurant Review: Bistro Rigoletto, Sweden

Bistro Rigoletto gives you a classical French cooking with a typical bistro in terms of service and interior design. The restaurant is located on one of Sweden's most busy streets; Kungsgatan, in Stockholm. They have followed the French way of forming a classical theatre bistro next to an old cinema and the interior gives you an classical atmosphere of French art deco. I enjoyed the location and the classical design, however the staff is a bit slow when it comes to order and very fast when it comes to the payment. It is almost as if the staff wanted us to leave as soon as possible for the next customer, which I did not appreciate. When it comes to the food the standard are well executed and nicely seasoned, however my wife ordered a well done steak and received a medium rare. Also, we were a company of 4 and my wife got her steak 15 min after the rest of us which is not acceptable.

The wine list is well made and gives you all the quality selection from France that you need from a bistro style restaurant.
For lunch Bistro Rigoletto gives you plat de jour, which is French for todays special. The food is usually very good however a bit to expensive, especially when they call themselves bistro.

To sum up the review I would say that the food was well seasoned, well made (except for my wife’s steak) and the interior design is perfectly chosen. However the personnel need to be more service minded and trained. They should think of the customer as a long term relationship and not to provide a snobbish image.

Bistro Rigoletto
Kungsgatan 16
Stockholm, Sweden
Tel: 08-502 571 20

Final Grade: 3 out of 5

Written by Alexander Yü

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