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Tuesday 25 September 2012

Recommendation: 5 Cognac for the Autumn

We at Western Taste loves cognac and all that it has to offer and we thought it would be suitable to present 5 favorite cognacs that we enjoy and loves to consume and bring out on special occasions or just after a hard day of work.

Delamain Vesper XO, Grande Champagne (exclusive)

This Grande Champagne is older than its little brother Pale & Dry XO and has been crafted  in different, more classic style, with a more pronounced amber colour, with bright flashes of pure gold.
The bouquet provides oak, aromas of mushrooms, dry vine shoots and vanilla.
On the palate, the extraordinary full bodied roundness is matched by the remarkable length. The cognac is a full body, matured and refined beverage that is luxurious in every way. Most people calls Delamain cognac the Rolls Royce of cognac and we definitely concur.

Nr Systembolaget: 10658
Cost in Sweden: 899 SEK
Cost in US: Apprx 138 USD
Cost in China: Approx 1300 RMB

Courvoisier Napoleon Fine Champagne (one favorite)

This is the original Napoleon Cognac, by which all others are judged. Created in 1910, to celebrate our relationship with France's first Emperor, Courvoisier Napoleon Fine Champagne is a timeless blend of Grande and Petite Champagne cognacs that have been matured for up to 20 years, giving the congac seductive signature notes of sandalwood, dried apricots and mushroom.

Nr Systembolaget: Not available
Cost in Sweden: Not available
Cost in US: Approx 85 USD
Cost in China: Approx 900 RMB

Frapin Cuvee 1888 Grande Champagne (very rare)

The Frapin family claims sixteenth-century comic author Francois Rabelais, well known both for his prodigious wit and equally prodigious intake of spirits. The author's sense of adventure and his appreciation of a equally prodigious intake of spirits. The Cuvée 1888 provides the finest example of the clan's ability to mix centuries-old craft with the natural abundance of France´s Grande Champagne region. A mixture of several vintages, some predating its 1888 moniker, the Cuvée 1888 presents hints of soft spices and a surprising floral aroma.

Nr Systembolaget: Not available
Cost in Sweden: If imported it would cost approx 38000 SEK (imported by Divine)
Cost in US: 6800 USD
Cost in China: Unknown

Hennessy XO (superb XO cognac)

This cognac is a blend of many crus: Grande Champagne, Petite Champagne, Borderies and Fin Bois. It is a powerful and rather woody blend, with spicy aromas, complex but remains round. This rich congac brings oak and leather together with slightly sweet notes of flower and fruit. A well balanced work, with a good sense of pepper and rancio. It is also the silver medal winner of 2010 world spirit competition.

Nr Systembolaget: 80157
Cost in Sweden: 1385 SEK
Cost in US: Approx 170 USD
Cost in China: Approx 2000 RMB

Camus VSOP Elegance (great value)

Cognac Camus VSOP Elegance is a blend of eaux-de-vie from different terroirs of the cognac region, the Borderies for example. Many cognac conoisseurs are skeptic against VSOP however I must say that this is a very elegant and balanced VSOP. On the nose it is round, notes of fruits and some almond aromas. On the palate it is fresh, light on wood and rather smooth on the finish.

Nr Systembolaget: 87141
Cost in Sweden: 459 SEK
Cost in US: Approx 45 USD
Cost in China: Approx 450 RMB

Written and recommended by Alexander Yü

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