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Tuesday 29 May 2012

Restaurant Review: Pontus by the Sea, Sweden

The hottest day of the year in Stockholm with high expectations for the evening, 8 people went out for a lovely dinner. We thought we would choose the famous restaurant Pontus by the Sea in Stockholm were the seafood is famous. We all ordered and shared 3 bottles of Crémant bubbly wine. Some of us wanted starters and some did not. My wife and I ordered 7 oysters for starter and everything was well. However, when the order arrived my wife and I received only 3 oysters and one of our guests received her main course while the others had starters. We told the waiter politely that she missed our order and came out instead with 6 oysters. We had to tell her again and she finally came out with 7 as ordered. When we finished our starters and our beloved friend finished her main the rest of the main course arrived. Although our other friend did not receive any main course which of course the waiter had forgotten about. This meant that everyone ate their main while one waited and when her food finally arrived, which was crab, they forgotten to provide her with napkins.

When our friend asked for napkins the waiter rushed and instead of given it to us she gave it to our neighbouring table which looked surprised and handed it to our table.

When a high profile restaurant does this some compensation is in order and of course some apology is needed from the staff however nothing of this has happened. Pontus by the Sea is an expensive restaurant with good food however the staff, service, creativity and appreciation for guests is extensively bad. Unfortunately I cannot recommend Pontus by the Sea to our readers and the end result is a bad grade. 

Even though the restaurants performance was poorly managed, Western Taste always provides a second chance and we will have to see what the restaurant can bring to the table on another occation.

Restaurant Grade: 1,5 out of 5

Written by Alexander Yü

Pictures from Pontus och Alexander Yü

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