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Thursday 1 December 2011

Wine of the Month: Jean-Marc Brocard Petit Chablis Domaine Sainte Claire

Clear straw colour. Aromas focus on baking apples and rising bread dough, standard-issue Chardonnay without obvious oak. Clean, apple fruit adds a touch of lemon on the palate; good body and crisp acidity. Nicely structured if a bit on the simple side - you won't find much of the region's fabled minerality in the Petit Chablis bottling - but it's appropriately young and fresh.

Its pleasant if rather neutral Chardonnay style makes it versatile enough to wash down just about any fare, even - as in our experiment - red meat such as steak. It's really best suited, though, for freshwater fish, poultry or even lighter-style pork dishes.

Nr at Swedish Systembolaget: 5588
Cost in Sweden: 105 SEK
Cost in US: 23 USD
Cost in China: Unkown

Written by: Alexander Yü

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