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Monday 19 December 2011

Restaurant Review: Mosto Beijing

This restaurant is probably one of my favourite places in Beijing, China. Its prices are very reasonable and the service is top notch. I love the simplicity and concept of the place. Alex, who is the Co-founder and front figure of the restaurant, always gives you a great welcome upon arrival.

The wine list is very good and provides you with a great variety of selection. They also have a specialized wine fridge to give you the best possible temperature and condition of wine experience. For lunch you can choose from 2 selections, either a two course meal or a three course meal for the price of 80 RMB or 95 RMB. It is very reasonable and very good.

For dinner the food quality goes up and also the price which is fully understandable.

This restaurant is one of my favourite places in the city and will always be on my recommendation list for its high quality food, very nice service and perfect management.

Thank you Mosto for a pleasent stay in Beijing!

Mosto Restaurant
3rd Floor Nali Huayan
81 Sanlitun Beilu
Beijing, China

Grade: 4 out of 5

Written by: Alexander Yü

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