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Wednesday 10 August 2011

Restaurant Review: Bakfickan Djuret, Stockholm, Sweden

If you are a meat person, not afraid of small portions and love top notch posh dining that is not to upper-class and still casual, then look no further. Bakfickan Djuret is amazing with its very cool and stylish interior. When you walk into this restaurant you feel that you have step into a fine dining slaughter house with traditional meat grinders as lamps and old meat scales as detailed interior design. Everything gives you an impression as if you are in a place that will serve you great meat dishes. The restaurant actually has a meat theme every month and changes the main ingredient. Sometimes you can find yourself with pork, beef or dear. It all depends on the chefs’ order.

They also have a rolling wine list that is constantly updating. Currently at this time (10th of August 2011) they have 1212 different wines. Very nice!

The price range varies from 150- 500 SEK and it is well worth the money.

My restaurant review grade is:

Grade 4 of 5

Bakfickan Djuret
Lilla Nygatan 5
111 28 Gamla Stan

Phone: 08-506 400 84

Written by: Alexander Yü

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