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Monday 23 May 2011

Restaurant Review: SULA, Madrid, Spain

One of my favourite restaurants in Madrid, the place is modern, chic, great fresh ingredients and superb execution when it comes to food presentation and combination of flavours. The interior design is modern and very stylish. The wine list is very well selected and not only Spanish wines are represented. We can recommend the Gewürztraminer which is very nice. This restaurant is mainly famous for its well selected ham. Something every guest should try.

However if you are into fish then you should definitely try the brassied cod which gives you great gastronomic satisfaction. For starter we can recommend a plate with a little of everything; white asparagus, beans and artichokes.

When it comes to dessert it is a must to try here. The prices are very good and you will not be disappointed. Try the chocolate dream with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce or the apple pie garnished with calvados and cheese cream.

Overall we at Western Taste loved this restaurant and I, Alexander Yü, will always recommend it for future visits.

Final Grade: 4 out of 5

SALU Madrid
C/ Jorge Juan 33
28001 Madrid
Tel: 91 781 61 97

Critique and written by: Alexander Yü


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