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Friday 22 April 2011

What to drink for Easter 2011?

We all enojoy great food for easter with meat, fish and a lot of different paired beverages. That is why provides you with recommendation on beer, white wine and red wine.



Name: Oppigårds Easter Ale
Country: Sweden
Cost: 25,90 SEK
No Systembolaget: 1345
Tasting Notes: Aromatic, full of taste, hope and malt with a distinct taste of bitter ale. A finish of nuts, spices and bitter orange.

Name: Pumpvikens Påsköl
Country: Sweden
Cost: 29,30 SEK
No Systembolaget: 1330
Tasting Notes: Fruity and full of malt with a small taste of sweetness. It brings out flavours of butter toffee, bitter orange and herbs.

Name: Nils Oscar Kalaspåsköl
Country: Sweden
Cost: 19,50 SEK
No Systembolaget: 1393
Tasting Notes: Great beer with hints of peach, tofffee and syrup. It is also a beer full of aromatic hob.


The traditional Swedish Easter feast features ham, pickled herring, eggs, salmon, lamb and much more.  This makes wine pairing a bit of a challenge and I strongly recommend that you serve both a red and a white wine. Choose grapes that work with many types of food. For example you could go with a Chardonnay and a Merlot. They won’t overpower any of your food but simply complement most of it well. Since spring is already here maybe you could even serve a powerful Rosé.

Here are three suggestions from Systembolagets selection:

Concannon Chardonnay (nr 23032), 89 SEK
The Chardonnay from Concannon is bright gold in the glass, a rich color that hints at things to come. It is a delightfully creamy but not overwhelmingly buttery chardonnay. On the nose are some great notes of cheese and straw. It has kind of a “barnyard” feeling that I would normally attribute to Sauvignon Blanc, but much, much more muted. On the palate, the wine really does taste buttery and creamy but there is a pleasantly tart apple note too. This really evens the wine out.

Mulderbosch Rosé (nr 6077), 79 SEK
Mulderbosch Cabernet Sauvignon Rosé is quite heavy for a rosé and really goes well with fish and white meat. It is a brilliant, lively, clear wine with a strawberry colour. The nose is quite coplex with hints of grapefruit, strawberries, guava and even some peppernotes. A dry lingering palate of pomegranate and berry fruits fills your mouth.

Zenato Merlot (nr 32224), 129 SEK
Zenato Merlot is ruby red in color with a full bouquet. This Venetian merlot has aromas of ripe berries set against a toasted oak background and smoked meats. The palate hints at blueberry pie and sour cherry and finally milk chocolate and vanilla. Pair it with a wide variety of dishes, particularly lightly grilled white meats and veal. 

Written by Alexander Yü & Kristian Kull

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