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Friday 15 April 2011

One Week of Food in Beijing

Day 1

Mosto Restaurant *
A great selection of wines that represents a good variety of grapes, regions and nations. The wines are interesting and service is made with good standards. Quality standards are kept very well with the perfect condition of the wine by glass fridge.

Glen Whisky Bar **

The passion of serving perfect cocktails and knowledge within whisky is clearly given. Also with a sense of mystique, love and dedication to constant aim for perfection and high standards is always on top and served for guests. This is why Glen Whisky Bar is probably one of the best and highest recommendations on my list of favourite whisky spots.

Day 2

The Meat & Wine Co **
We were fortunate to stumble into a special wine dinner arranged by EMW-Fine Wines together with the wine maker of the South African winery Groote Post. Very nice wine and the food is absolutely amazing. Some of the best meat can be found in this restaurant. From exclusive wagyu beef to high quality meat from Brazil. The grill gives high standards in service and culinary creation. The wine list is made for a heavy menu and creates perfect match with food and wine.

Day 3

Alameda *
If looking for the best lunch restaurant in Beijing, then you have to visit Alameda in the Sanli tun area. Their red wine risotto with roasted duck and chicken file with passion sauce was divine. The wine list does not feel completed when some of the wines are too commercial. However, the service is fairly good, food lovely and cosy interior. 

La Baie Des Anges *
This wine bar is located in the heart of Houhai bar street. It is cosy, lovely, very nice wine and sometimes live music with a bit of French touch in it. The establishment is run by two young French guys from Nice (South of France) and are very nice to talk to. If tired of all the heat and noice of Houhai than you should sneak in to this little place in the back and enjoy yourself with a glass of wine and some cheese dishes to complement for aroma perfection.

Day 4

Maison Boulud ***
Located in the former area; Legation Quarter but now known as Chien Men. This restaurant brings the French cuisine in Beijing to another level with excellent service and great standards. The food here is really something different from the rest of the French restaurants in China and with a wine list that consists of 800 wines is not bad at all. The wine list is probably one of the largest I have ever seen. So you do not need to feel embarrassed to ask for the sommelier when it comes to wine guidance.

Day 5

Da Dong Beijing Duck
Three things you must do in Beijing: climb the Great Wall, visit Summer Palace and eat Beijing Duck. Now, there are many places you can go to eat this lovely duck but not all of them are good and many of them are to commercial and does not care about the quality. So if you are going to eat Beijing Duck then there is only one place to visit. Da Dong, you can even see how the duck is roasted before served. Since the waiting line is very long you have to make reservation 2 days in advance. However if you did not get the chance and have to wait they actually provide with free wine for the guests that waits for a seat. Nice service, good quality food and nice surroundings. Best of the best.


Day 6

The Bar & Grill - Regent Hotel Beijing ** 
Great service, excellent f&b management and very innovative when it comes to food. The focus that they have to constantly upgrade themselves are very good. They have the knowledge and understanding of giving good gastronomic experiences to its clients and can provide individual services since the dining room is quite small with only 15 tables.

Day 7

Element Fresh 
If you have time for a breakfust before you leave this amazing city of Beijing you should try Element Fresh in Sanlitun Bar Street on the third floor at the outside mall next to Tony & Guy. It is wonderful and great breakfust deals for all you food lovers. Great price for a lot of fresh food. Great bargain!

Written by: Alexander Yü

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