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Sunday 10 April 2011

One Week of Food in Beijing

When you only have one week in a city of 15 million people and a culinary experience from all over the world with great prices, service and good quality food it makes it difficult to find the best locations and best restaurants. Some tourist places could be really bad and some could be even worse, that is why have distinguished the best places to visit if you only are in Beijing for one week. These restaurants are our favorite locations in Beijing, some even in the world. So please enjoy our selection of culinary experiences that have changed our lives in one way or another, culinary wise.

We chose Mosto Restaurant for its very talented selection of wines, special wine fridge to preserve wine by glass in the best conditions and also the food that cannot be compared with most of restaurants we tried. The restaurant manager Alex knows exactly how to treat his customers to the best and the head chef Daniel makes a great steak. Not only that the restaurant manager’s wife, Eva which comes from Sweden by the way, decorated the place and provides with PR. Great combination and a great team make the restaurant even more of a success.

When it comes to whisky bars I just love Glen Whisky Bar. The selection o0f whisky is great with all the houses of Islay represented and probably the best bartender I have ever seen. The perfection, dedication and passion for serving and mixing cocktails is amazing to watch. The Bartender goes to the market every morning to buy fresh fruits to make his cocktails for the best possible flavors. A must try is his kiwi mojito. Amazing!

The Meat & Wine Co do not need an introduction. If looking for a great steak, great wine and amazing interior design, this is the place to visit. The grilled meat is made with great selection of quality meat and superb service.

My favorite great value restaurant in the world is Alameda in Beijing. Owned by a Brazilian restaurateur and has a great personality. I just love his relaxed feeling and interior decor. He made the restaurant very simple but high standard and modern. Drink wine have a great meal and just enjoy yourself. This is a must visit.

La Baie Des Anges is owned by 2 young brothers from Nice in the south of France. One is educated within Finance and used to work in a bank in France. The other brother is an educated IT engineer, however both got so bored of their profession that they chose to move to Beijing and start a wine bar instead. Yes, thank God for that because without them, Beijing would be a lost place for the French community.

Everybody knows who Daniel Boulud is and he chose to open a place outside of his famous restaurant in NYC so he chose Beijing. Today Maison Boulud is the most respected French restaurant in China. The food is absolutely amazing and the wine is crazy. Upon order you will receive a book of volume 1 and volume 2 with over 900 wines on the list. Very impressive!

There is only 1 restaurant chain you can go to when Beijing Duck is on the menu and it is called Da Dong. Chinas most famous Beijing duck place and if you crave for it then there is no other location in the world to have it. There are a lot of small places to try however the location is very hard to find and to experience Beijing duck truly you have to contact me for further information.

The F&B Director of Regent Hotel is a personal friend of mine and his restaurants in the hotel are amazing. First is the more casual Italian restaurant Daccapo however if you want something luxurious or high end then there is only one to go to and it is The Bar & Grill. The meat here is a wow feeling when wagu beef is on the menu and other superb dishes prepared by a Michelin chef gives the feeling of luxury and high standards all over. Thank you for Regent Hotel Beijing.

Element Fresh is the place for breakfast and fast good quality fresh food.

Written by: Alexander Yü
Beijing Culinary Grade: 4,5 out 5

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